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Links to friends who also taught English in China:


I worked with Luke in my final year in China. He has recently published this website about teaching English to Chinese students.

I worked with Oliver in Xiangtan. He has now returned to the UK where he is still teaching.

(Merseyside Environmental Cleaning Services) - I worked with Nick at Guangxi University for one year. He returned to the UK after teaching in China and is now running a professional cleaning business in Liverpool.

I worked with Adrian in Guangxi University for one year. He returned home to Canada after leaving China.

I worked with Kim in Guangxi University for one year. He is still in China, now teaching in Beijing.

Glenn has just returned to China again to teach, he is now at Weifang University. Glenn has working in China at a number of different universities and schools, including Suzhou, Yantai and Nanjing.

Adam has now returned to the UK after a number of years teaching in Anhui Province.

Phil has taught at various places in China, as well as driving a sponsored car around the world!




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