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Paul Sparks, Sino-Canadian International College, Guangxi University, Nanning.

Lesson Plans for "Watch, Listen & Speak", Semester 2



Listening & Speaking, Making Hotel Reservations


Guidelines: Listen to the conversation then complete the questions.

Hotel Clerk: Hello. Sunnyside Inn. May I help you?

Man: Yes, I'd like to reserve a room for two on the 21st of March.

Hotel Clerk: Okay. Let me check our books here for a moment. The 21st of May, right?

Man: No. March, not May.

Hotel Clerk: Oh, sorry. Let me see here. Hmmm.

Man: Are you all booked that night?

Hotel Clerk: Well, we do have one suite available, complete with a kitchenette and sauna bath. And the view of the city is great, too.

Man: How much is that?

Hotel Clerk: It's only $200 dollars, plus a 10% room tax.

Man: Oh, that's a little too expensive for me. Do you have a cheaper room available either on the 20th or the 22nd?

Hotel Clerk: Well, would you like a smoking or non-smoking room?

Man: Non-smoking, please.

Hotel Clerk: Okay, we do have a few rooms available on the 20th; we're full on the 22nd, unless you want a smoking room.

Man: Well, how much is the non-smoking room on the 20th?

Hotel Clerk: $80 dollars, plus the 10% room tax.

Man: Okay, that'll be fine.

Hotel Clerk: All right. Could I have your name, please?

Man: Yes. Bob Maexner.

Hotel Clerk: How do you spell your last name, Mr. Maexner?

Man: M-A-E-X-N-E-R.

Hotel Clerk: Okay, Mr. Maexner, we look forward to seeing you on March 20th.

Man: Okay. Goodbye.

Questions (with answers)

1.The man makes a reservation for which day?

A. March 20th
B. March 21st
C. March 22nd

Correct Answer (A).The man originally wants a room for the 21st of March, but the only thing that is available is an expensive suite. There is a smoking room on the 22nd, but he wants non-smoking, so he reserves a room on the 20th.

2. What kind of room does the man prefer?

A. a non-smoking room
B. a smoking room
C. either one is okay

Correct Answer (A). Check the explanation to question 1.

3. Why doesn't he want to reserve the suite?

A. It doesn't have a nice view.
B. It doesn't come with a sauna bath.
C. It's too expensive.

Correct Answer (C). Since the room is $200 dollars, plus a 10% room tax, the man feels it is too expensive for him.

4. Including tax, how much is the man's room?

A. 80 dollars
B. 88 dollars
C. 96 dollars

Correct Answer (B). The room is 80 dollars, plus the 10% room tax, so the total would be $88.

5. How do you spell the man's name?

A. Maxner
B. Maexner
C. Mexner

Correct Answer (B).

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