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Paul Sparks, Sino-Canadian International College, Guangxi University, Nanning.

Lesson Plans for "Watch, Listen & Speak", Semester 2



Listening & Speaking, Gap Fill (Cloze):

"Asking for the Way"


Asking for the Way: Listen to the conversation and fill in the gaps. (all of the text is shown here):

Visitor: Can you tell me how to reach the bank please?

Policeman: Which bank? There are two: the Allied Irish Bank and the Bank of Ireland.

Visitor: I have an AIB pass card and I want to withdraw money from the bank.

Policeman: You need to go to the Allied Irish Bank which is near the local shopping centre, Dunnes Stores.

Visitor: How do I get there. I have no knowledge of this area.

Policeman: Cross the road and turn left at the other side. Walk along the footpath until you reach the traffic lights. You will see a shopping centre on the right hand side. Walk across the road and turn right after the shopping centre. Keep going straight for about 100m and the bank is to your left.

Visitor: It sounds very complicated. How far is it from here?

Policeman: It's not so complicated. It's about five minutes walk from here. I can draw a map for you if you wish.

Visitor:Oh, I would really appreciate that . By the way will I be going North or South ?

Policeman: You will be going northwards. You are now in the the Western part of the city and the Allied Irish Bank is situated in the North East. Here's a rough sketch of the area.





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