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Reading: Synthesizing Material

Harry Potter News Articles



Lesson Objectives: To synthesize (compare and contrast) articles.

Definition: Synthesizing involves comparing ideas from different sources of material. Synthesizing is used to evaluate subjects to analyse different points of view. For example a news article about SARS might appear in many different newspapers, written by different journalists. By synthesizing the material you can compare or contrast the information to make a decision about what you believe to be facts or what is fiction. You can also use synthesizing to compare the style of writing or the vocabulary used in different sources of material.

Group Activity: In your group, synthesize the two articles about "Harry Potter". (The articles are copied below):

Article 1: "China puts curse on Harry Potter pirates"

Source: Yahoo -

BEIJING (Reuters) - In a bid to thwart copyright pirates, China has moved forward the launch of the fifth Harry Potter book in Chinese and offered a reward to anyone who reports phoney copies.

The People's Literature Publishing House said on Thursday the translation, editing and printing of 800,000 copies of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" had been accelerated so they could go on sale nationwide on September 21, more than 10 days ahead of the scheduled release date.

"We welcome readers to actively report any copyright violations or illegal activity and if the report is verified we will give a reward," Liu Yushan, head of the publishing house, told reporters.

Unauthorised translations of J.K. Rowling's book were available in China about a month after the June release.

The publishing house, which has the sole right to publish the book in China, lodged a complaint with the anti-piracy authorities after the fakes emerged, Liu said.

In 2000, the publisher was forced to bump up the date of release of the legitimate Chinese versions of the first three Harry Potter books by a week because of the proliferation of pirate copies.

The boy wizard is so popular in China that copies of at least one book of entirely phoney Potter tales, with no English equivalent, has been grabbed up by fans.

Some 1.78 million copies of "The Order of the Phoenix" were sold in Britain on June 21 alone in what was the world's biggest book launch.

Reporters attending a news conference at which the new book was unveiled in Chinese were given advance copies, but urged to be careful with them lest pirates get one and start churning out versions before they go on sale on Sunday.

"In these three days we urge you, you can read the book at home, or let your friends and relatives read it, but whatever you do don't lose the book," said Pan Kaixiong, deputy head of the publisher.

Article 2: "Chinese Potter publisher battles pirates"
Source: Ananova -

The Chinese-language publisher of the latest Harry Potter adventure says it is rushing the book into stores to thwart pirates already selling badly translated copies.

Last year, an unknown Chinese author produced an entire fake adventure, 'Harry Potter and Leopard-Walk-Up-To-Dragon,' which was attributed to Rowling.

The Order of the Phoenix will be released in China on Sunday 10 days ahead of schedule release, a spokesman for People's Literature Publishing House said.

He said the company was printing 800,000 copies - a huge number for a Chinese book.

He added the company will offer rewards for people who turn in pirates.

"The size of the reward will depend on how big the piracy is and how many copies are seized," he said.





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