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Reading: Semester 1, Course Outline

Course Evaluation:

In Class Tests = 25%

Assignments = 25%

Attendance = 5%

Mid-Term Exam = 15%

Final Exam = 30%

Course Description:
This reading course provides the opportunity for students to work toward a level of literacy that allows them to read, write and discuss topics in a variety of ways. Vocabulary and writing are integrated within the reading course. The learning activities will focus on preparing students with the skills necessary to effectively handle reading for educational purposes as well as reading English material for enjoyment. Students will be given the opportunity to evaluate and respond critically to the material. Supplementary readings and resources will be used throughout the course in addition to the textbook. Assignments should be submitted on A4 size paper or on floppy disk, they should be typed using “Microsoft Word” only, hand written work will not be accepted.

Course Objectives: By the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Express the main idea of an article or text.

  • Understand and apply vocabulary depending upon the context.

  • Synthesize (compare and contrast) material from various sources.

  • Apply different reading skills in order to build up reading rate.

  • Distinguish fact from fiction and give viewpoints and opinions.

  • Recognize and use bibliographical citations and referencing.

  • Distinguish main points from supporting ideas.

  • Recognize the way certain words help organize or classify important points.

  • Highlight important ideas that will be useful for further study.

  • Apply reading skills to exam situations.


  • Tapestry Reading 3 Textbook

  • Various newspaper and magazine articles

  • Internet

  • Various novels, short stories and other literature as suitable

  • Lesson handouts

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