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Reading Exercise using Article: "Hypnotism"

INSTRUCTIONS: Read the following article then answer the questions based on the article.


Hypnotism is very old. Thousands of years ago, people started to use it in Egypt. The use of hypnotism has expanded greatly since that time. Today, doctors and scientists in almost every country hypnotize people to help them with their problems.

What is hypnotism, and how does it work?  Many people think that a hypnotist puts people to sleep. Then he makes the hypnotized people do strange things. This is not what a hypnotist does. Hypnotism is really just a way to relax the mind and body.

What are some of the uses of hypnotism? We go to a hypnotist because we have a problem. The problem makes us unhappy. The hypnotist asks us to think hard about something and relax. When we are relaxed, the hypnotist gives us some ideas to help us with our problems.

A baseball player says that hypnotism helped him. He went to a hypnotist because he had a problem when he hit the ball. Once a ball hit him in the face. After that he was afraid that the ball might hit him again. He didnít hit the ball well after that. The hypnotist told the player to relax. Then he told him to think about the many times he had hit the ball well. After that, the baseball player was not afraid. He hit the ball better.

Hypnotism can help people to remember things. The police sometimes ask hypnotists to help them. For example, a man sees an accident. He forgets the license number of the car he sees. If he is hypnotized, he may remember it. The police can then find the car and catch the driver.

People who are hypnotized can also make mistakes or say something that isnít true.  People remember what they think they saw.  That may not be what really happened.

The police donít hypnotize people who do something wrong. People who are hypnotized may say something that isnít true. A person who has done something bad has a good reason to say something that isnít true.

Comprehension Check

Write T if it is true. Write F if it is false and NS if it is not stated.

1.  Hypnotists donít put people to sleep.

2.  People use hypnotism because they have a problem.

3.  Hypnotism can make us do strange things.

4.  People use hypnotism a lot now.

5.  The baseball player was afraid to play baseball.

6.  People often ask hypnotists to help them.

7.  Hypnotism can sometimes help you remember things.

8.  People who are hypnotized never make mistakes.

9.  Policemen are often hypnotized as part of their job.

10. The police often hypnotize people who do something wrong.


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