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Reading: Final Exam Information




Section 1 (30%):
700 word article about Cheetahs

  • Read the article answer the questions about:

  • Main Idea

  • Cause and Effect

  • Vocabulary (Closest Meaning)

  • Gap Fill (Cloze)

Section 2 (25%)
: 400 word short story

  • Read the short story then answer the questions:

  • Multiple Choice

  • Short Answer

Section 3 (20%): 400 word skim reading notice about excursions

  • SKIM READ the notice then answer the questions:

  • Match the paragraphs to statements

Section 4 (25%):
Choice of 2 readings "Reading A" or "Reading B"

  • Only read one article, then answer the questions:

  • Write a short ESSAY stating whether the article is well written (style, structure, vocabulary, tone, grammar, punctuation, point of view, language techniques etc.)





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