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Reading: Midterm Exam Information

Lesson Objectives:
Preparation for the mid-term exam.

Exam Information:
Time allowed = 2 Hours

You will be given a question paper and a copy of an article. Read the article applying a suitable reading style (preview, skim or cluster). When you have read the article answer all of the questions. Write your answers clearly on the question paper.

There are 4 Sections:

The Main Idea



Viewpoints and Opinions


The Main Idea:

“Using the space provided, write the main idea of the article. Write using your own words, do not copy from the article or you will lose marks.”


“Below are 25 words selected from the article. For each question select “a” or “b” to show which best describes the word. Clearly underline one answer for each question.”

Example:    Big        a) Large        b) Small

Paraphrasing / Summarizing:

“Paraphrase or Summarize the article in the space provided below, do not use extra paper. Use your own words. If you copy sections of the article you will lose marks.”

Viewpoints & Opinions:

“Using the space provided below, answer each question using your own opinion, do not copy sections of the article or you will lose marks.” Example Questions:
1. In your opinion, is the article well written? give your reasons.
2. Is the article fact or opinion? give your reasons.
3. Do the pictures and headings suit the article? give your reasons.

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