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Reading Assignment No.1:

"Internet Research"


Assignment Objectives: To synthesize points of view of a current event. To encourage students to use various sources of reading and improve general computer skills.

Assignment Guidelines: You are required to research a news related article. Choose a current news topic and then, using the internet, compare and contrast a number of articles about this topic.


1. Try to get articles with different viewpoints, for example from CNN, Yahoo and Reuters.

2. Read the articles and write a 300 word response using unified paragraphs.

3. Include the main idea of the current event and the points of view of each article. How are the points of view similar? How are they different? Which article did you like best and why?

4. You should compare and contrast the facts (or they the same or different), the vocabulary and the style of words used (are they informal or formal, thought provoking, opinionated or factual?)

5. You can submit your work on disk or on paper. Include the articles and their sources when you hand in your work.

You will be marked based on your ability to synthesize the information from the articles. Marks will be allocated for depth of research, choice of articles, as well as your ability to complete all of the above tasks.

Marking Scheme:


  • You used a variety of news related articles with different viewpoints. (15%)

  • You wrote a 300 word response using unified paragraphs with appropriate formatting and unobtrusive errors. (20%)

  • You have summarized the main idea about the current event. (25%)  

  • You have compared and contrasted the articles to a satisfactory standard. (30%)

  • You have included your opinion about the articles. (10%)

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