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Reading: Opinions and Viewpoints:

"Giving Advice"

Lesson Objectives:
A class discussion about the articles followed by discussion in small groups. This lessons is designed to enable students express opinions and viewpoints about readings.
Students will also learn to predict information from a reading and analyse readings.

Agony Aunt Letters / Problem Pages:

What is an Agony Aunt?

  • A person who gives advice, normally in a magazine or newspaper

  • A person who you can write to with your problems

What kind of letters do they get?

  • Relationship problems

  • Family problems etc.

Would you ever write a letter to an agony aunt? Why / Why not?

Group Activity 1:
In a small group (about 3 people), using the handout “Giving Advice”  read the problem situations. Read and discuss the 4 problem letters with your group and write predictions about the advice that should be given to the letter writers. Use phrases such as:

  • “You should…”

  • “You can…”

  • “If I were you I would…”

Group Activity 2:
In your group, read the handout from a magazine with real letters sent to an agony aunt. Do you agree with the advice given? Why?



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