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Reading: Run-On Sentences, Capital Letters and Comma Usage


Instructions: Analyse the article with respect to the use of commas, capital letters and run-on sentences.


"Average Wedding Costs 15,000"



Research claims the cost of getting married has soared at nearly three-times the rate of inflation, with the average wedding now costing 15,244 pounds.

Wedding insurers Weddingplan said couples were now spending 7.5% more on their big day than they were last year.

The biggest outlay is the cost of the reception, which sets couples back by an average of 5,079, followed by the honeymoon at 4,537.

But couples are also splashing out around 1,750 on rings, while the bill for the bride's dress comes in at an average of 758, and brides spend a further 336 on their going away outfit.

The groom is much cheaper to dress, spending only 136 to hire a suit, while bridesmaids' dresses tend to cost around 136.

Couples spend an average of 325 on invitations, orders of service and place cards, 241 on a cake, 357 on church fees and 149 on flowers.

Transport to and from the church and reception sets people back by an average of 235, while the photographer's bill comes in at around 480 and having a video of the big day costs an average of 522.

Unsurprisingly the most expensive place to get married is London, with couples in the capital splashing out an average of 18,154, followed by the South West at 15,894.

East Anglia is the cheapest place to get married at 13,860, while people in Northern Ireland spend an average of 14,231 on their big day.



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