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Paul Sparks, Sino-Canadian International College, Guangxi University, Online English Lesson Plans, Lesson Material and Ideas for Semester 2 Reading Lessons...



Reading: In Class Test Information

Guidelines: The test will cover the lesson content from week 1 to 5 of this semester. The Questions will be based on readings studied in lesson time, therefore you are advised to read the lesson handouts again carefully before the test.

You will need to bring a pen to the test - nothing else (no textbook, handouts or notes). Dictionaries and translators are not allowed.

The questions will relate to some or all of the following areas:


  • Clauses & Conjunctions

  • Conjunctions: "Soccer: Why It Can't Make The Big Time In The USA"

  • The Main Idea: Article: "Friends Too Sexy For China"

  • Scan for Information: Short Story: "The Case of the Ruined Roses"

  • Summarise the Main Points of a Chiller: "Midnight Phantom"

  • Distinguishing Fact & Opinion: "More Jobseekers Finding Work Online"

  • Fact & Opinion: Press Release: "A & E Multilingual Phrasebook"

  • Compound Words: Article: "21 Years of Ready-Made Sweet and Sour"

  • Identifying Adjectives: Short Story: "Almost Love"

  • Abbreviations

  • Proverbs: Match the Proverbs Exercise

  • Homonyms & Confusing Words

  • Clichés: Article: "The Beach" & Quiz

  • Euphemisms

  • Speed Reading





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