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Reading: A Chinese Story - "Moon In A Shoebox"



There is a mountain range in Africa that is a watershed .Rain that falls in one spot will flow to the Indian Ocean and rain that falls a few feet away will begin a far longer journey to the Atlantic Ocean. Imagine standing up there in a rainstorm and knowing that two mighty oceans will share the rain on your face? Life is not that simple. The way we go is not decided by where our feet touch g round and, unlike the the mountain rain, traveling through time and space does not take us anywhere. For us, every day is a watershed and consequences maybe be determined randomly by what we do and what we leave undone. We fortify our future with good intentions and elaborate plans ,following carefully in the footsteps of tradition ,pursuing our dreams; mostly we are good people pursuing good lives; sometimes a smile at the right time can change a life; sometimes all smile s on earth can not lighten any part of a darkened soul. Still, we all go forward like the cold mountain rain ,knowing there is no way back...


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