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Reading: Revision Exercises - "The Main Idea" / Adjectives


Read the following news article then complete the exercise below.

"Police Officer K-9 Knows Her Job"
: Boots is a four-year-old German Shepherd, often called a police dog. She weighs in at a sleek 90 pounds, all muscle, according to her handler, Sgt. Paul Rizzo of the Gailsburg Police Department. "Boots is a police officer who really knows her job," Rizzo said. "Nobody wants to argue with Bootsy when she shows her teeth."

To prove his point, Sgt. Rizzo ordered the dog to speak. Boots barked and growled deep in her throat. In the process she showed a gleaming set of canine teeth that you wouldn't want to tangle with.

"Her teeth are like my club," Sgt. Rizzo explained. "She won't use them unless she's ordered to or unless she has to in self-defense." At a word from her handler Boots was instantly quiet and lay down to relax at his feet.

"Boots is not mean or vicious," Sgt. Rizzo said. "No trained K-9 officer is. Like other police officers, she was trained to earn respect by doing her job well and with a minimum of force.

"Boots can help control a crowd or hold a criminal just by showing her teeth. She can also find a missing child or sniff out illegal drugs."

Sgt. Rizzo scratched Boots behind the ear and she licked his hand. "On duty she's all business," Rizzo said. "But when she's off duty, she's a cream puff."


1. The main idea of the story is that:

  • a. Boots is a police dog.

  • b. Boots is really a cream puff.

  • c. Boots is good at her job.

  • d. Boots can control crowds.

2. Another main point in the story is that Boots is well trained. Give two examples to show that this is true:

  • (1)_________________________________________________________

  • (2)_________________________________________________________ 

3. Look at the adjectives used in the article, are they suitable? Do they help the reader to understand the article?


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