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Paul Sparks, Sino-Canadian International College, Guangxi University, Online English Lesson Plans, Lesson Material and Ideas for Semester 2 Reading Lessons...



Reading: Revision, Confusing Words



1. A ___ expression mixes both humor and disbelief.
a. rye
b. wry

2. A ___ is a female deer.
a. doe
b. dough

3. A ___ is a gadget.
a. device
b. devise

4. A ___ is a narrow passage of water.
a. straight
b. strait

5. A ___ is a type of shellfish.
a. muscle
b. mussel

6. A ___ of children attacked the treats on the picnic table.
a. hoard
b. horde

7. A ___ of water buffalo were resting beside the river when the lions attacked.
a. heard
b. herd

8. A deer can also be called a ___.
a. hart
b. heart

9. A delicious fruit is the French ___.
a. peer
b. pier
c. pear

10. A dolphin and a ___ are similar.
a. porpoise
b. purpose

11. A healthy pond should ___ with life.
a. team
b. teem

12. A low mark on one quiz should not have a strong ___ on your grade.
a. affect
b. effect

13. A man of his ___ is impressive.
a. statue
b. stature
c. statute

14. A popular grain for bread and whiskey making is ___.
a. rye
b. wry

15. A popular sport in Hawaii is ___ boarding.
a. serf
b. surf

16. A row boat needs at more than one ___.
a. oar
b. ore
c. or

17. A single ___ dropped on to her cheek.
a. tear
b. tier

18. A wild pig is also known as a ___.
a. boar
b. bore

19. After all that I have been ___, you want me to give this up?
a. thorough
b. through

20. Although she was untidy, April did not complain because she was a ___ friend.
a. dear
b. deer



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