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Reading: Revision Exercises - Conjunctions


Task 1: A coordinating conjunction is a word which joins together two clauses which are both equally important. Complete the sentences by choosing the best coordinating conjunction for each space. Write the correct conjunction in each gap:

1. Jason was cold, __________ he put on a coat.
2. Maria tried to read a novel in French, __________ it was too difficult.
3. To get from Vancouver to Victoria, you can fly, __________ you can ride the ferry.
4. I bought a bottle of wine, __________ we drank it together.
5. The waiter was not very nice, __________ the food was delicious.
6. I went to buy a Rolling Stones CD, __________ the shop didn't have it.
7. Anna needed some money, __________ she took a part-time job.
8. There's so much rain lately! Maybe it's because of El Nino, __________ maybe it's just coincidence.
9. Julie has a guitar, __________ she plays it really well.
10. The concert was cancelled, __________ we went to a nightclub instead.

Task 2: A subordinating conjunction is a word which joins together a dependent clause and an independent clause. Choose the correct subordinating conjunction for each sentence.

1. ________ it was raining, I didn't get wet. (Although / Because)

2. Jun couldn't buy any Christmas presents, ________ he didn't have any money. (even though / because)

3. ________ my wife likes to travel abroad, I prefer to stay at home for my vacations. (Whereas / Since)

4. Jerry passed the exam first time, ________ I had to retake it three times. (as / while) 

5. I will be late today, ________ my car has broken down. (because / though)

6. ________ Mei Li doesn't speak English, she can't go to university in Canada. (Whereas  / Since)

7. Paula got the job, ________ she had no experience. (as / even though) 

8. I don't drink coffee, ________ it makes me nervous. (as / although)





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