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Reading: The Main Idea

Lesson Objectives:
To identify the main idea of a news article (or any other reading).

Instructions: Read the article to understand it then re-read it to identify the main idea.


The Main Idea, Revision:

Every sentence in a paragraph must contribute to the main idea. Most of the sentences in a paragraph simply support the main idea.

The main idea normally appears at the beginning of a text.

In short articles the main idea should appear in the first few sentences. In longer articles the main idea will be expressed in the first paragraph.

"Friends too sexy for China"


Friends is causing controversy in China because the characters talk about sex too much.

Qin Mingxin, deputy director of the international department at China Central Television said: "I had thought the play focused on friendship.

"In many of the episodes, a man would meet a woman and immediately go to bed with her. This is not good according to Chinese people.

"The attitudes portrayed in the show cannot be generally accepted by Chinese audiences."

Bosses at the channel had considered cutting episodes which they considered to have an especially high sexual content.

But as many of the show's viewers had already seen the programmes on DVD they thought it would disappoint these people to cut them.

CCTV officials are in talks with Warner Brothers, the makers of Friends, to find a solution to the problem.

Story filed: 10:01 Monday 19th January 2004





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