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Reading: Distinguishing Fact and Opinion

Lesson Objectives: To distinguish fact from opinion when reading.

Read the following article and make a list of all of the facts and a list of all of the opinions.

More jobseekers finding work online


One in 10 people have found a new job via the internet despite concerns over a lack of human response and technical problems, according to a report.

More than 1.3 million people have been recruited over the web in the past five years and that figure is set to increase, research shows.

A poll of 1,600 people by recruitment firm showed that most people praised the speed, ease of use and availability of the Internet in searching for work.

Concerns included lack of personal feedback, not enough relevant jobs, and technical problems.

"Our research shows that almost everyone thinks internet recruitment is going to get more important in the future, as technological improvements make it an even faster and easier route to the right job," said Dan Ferrandino, director of

Story filed: 07:13 Tuesday 20th January 2004





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