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Reading: Year 2, Semester 2, Course Outline


1. Course Description: The second semester reading course will be classroom based, with three 40-minute periods per week. Students are also expected to read a substantial amount in their own time. This reading course will involve aspects of vocabulary, grammar, writing, listening and speaking, therefore students are encouraged to use ideas they have been taught in other subjects. Students are expected to express opinions, verbally and in written form, stating their reasons.

The second semester of Reading has two main priorities. Firstly, the lessons will review basic reading skills, revising the areas of weakness identified in the first semester. The content of the lessons will be adjusted throughout the semester according to student abilities in different classes. Secondly, there will be advanced reading lessons, looking at other areas of reading that have not yet been covered. The course will build upon current knowledge and teach the students new skills for reading. Most of the lessons will use short stories or articles to demonstrate reading theory.

2. Course Objectives: The second semester of reading is primarily designed to enable students to:

* Identify, and analyse, the main idea of a reading.
* Identify, and analyse, the main points and supporting ideas of a reading.
* Have a clear understanding of how to write a summary.
* Understand how grammar is used when reading.
* Express personal ideas, viewpoints and opinions based on a reading.
* Recognise and use different language techniques.
* Critically analyse the structure and effectiveness of a reading.
* Distinguish fact from opinion in readings.

3. Materials and Multimedia Resources:

Course Textbook: "Tapestry, Reading 4"

Multimedia Resources:
Course Website -
In addition, various DVD's and CD's might be used. The Internet will be used for most lessons as well as Microsoft PowerPoint.

Additional Resources:
Additional handouts, articles, photocopies, books etc. will be used for most lessons.

4. Course Evaluation & Details:

* Assignments / Homework = 25%
* In Class Tests = 25%
* Midterm Exam = 15%
* Final Exam = 30%
* Attendance = 5%

Assignments / Homework (25%): This accounts for 25% of the second semester, details will be given in class.

In Class Tests (25%): These account for 25% of the second semester. There will be two in class tests during the second semester. Further details will be given in class.

Mid-term Exams (15%): The midterm exam accounts for 15% of the second semester. The exam is scheduled for week 10. Details will be given during lessons nearer the time.

Final Exam (30%): The final exam is scheduled for weeks 19 and 20. The final exam accounts for 30% of the second semester. Further details will be given during lessons.

Attendance (5%): Attendance accounts for 5% of the second semester. Students will lose 1% of the semester total for each unauthorized absence, up to a total of 5%. Students are required to explain all absences.

5. Expectations of the Students: Attendance & Behaviour: Students are expected to attend every lesson. You are required to be in the classroom at least 5 minutes before the lesson begins. Mobile phones should be turned off during lessons in accordance with the university rules. Students are not to operate any equipment in the classroom without supervision of the teacher.

Stationary: Students are required to bring their own stationary to each lesson. You are advised to bring a pen, pencil, notebook, dictionary, textbook and anything else specified by the teacher. Each student is required to buy an A4 binder to keep lesson handouts in.

Assignments / Homework: Students are required to complete all assignments and homework on time. If students have any problems with assignments it is their responsibility to contact the teacher during lessons, office hours or by email. Late submissions will not be marked unless the Dean writes an explanation in English.

Lessons: Students should speak English in the classroom. Students are expected to ask the teacher if they do not understand something. Either ask in class or make an appointment during to meet during office hours. Students are expected to write notes during lessons and consult the course website ( for further details about lessons. Students are expected to inform the teacher about any issues relating to lessons.

Office Hours: Second semester office hours are Monday 9pm to 11pm. Students should make an appointment to discuss teaching related issues during office hours.

Feedback: Students are expected to give feedback to the teacher from lessons and assessments.

6. Expectations of the Teacher: Assignments, In Class Tests & Exams: I will try mark assignments, in class tests and exams within 3 days and give back results within 7 days.

E-mail & Website: I will try to reply to all e-mails within 24 hours. I will try to publish all my lessons on my website every day.

Office Hours: I will be available (by appointment only) during office hours, Monday 9pm - 11pm.

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