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Reading: Compound Words

Identify the Compound Words in the following article:

M&S celebrates 21 years of ready-made sweet and sour


Marks & Spencer is celebrating 21 years since launching what it claims was the first range of Chinese ready-made meals in the UK.

The retailer brought the taste of the Orient to shoppers in 1983 with products such as sweet and sour pork, spare ribs, Chinese-style chow mein and egg fried rice.

The first dedicated Chinese ready-meal factory was built for M&S in Nottingham a year later.

Since 1983, the range has grown to more than 50 products. M&S says it now sells more than 13 million ready-made Chinese meals a year - enough to span the length of the Great Wall of China over 1,000 times.

Helena Fleming, the chain's oriental product developer, said: "We've taken our customers' taste buds on a real 'Orient Express' over the last 21 years - bringing them exotic ingredients.

"In the early days we sourced water chestnuts from Hong Kong and black bean sauce from Singapore.

"Today we use green tea leaves from the Jiangxi region in China, Shaoxing rice wine from the Zhejiang region and pickled chilli paste from chillies grown in Sichuan."

M&S is marking the 21st anniversary by launching a new range of dishes to coincide with the Chinese New Year tomorrow.



Story filed: 08:00 Wednesday 21st January 2004




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