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Reading: Clichés

Lesson Objectives: To identify clichés when reading.

Instructions: Read the short article about "The Beach" then underline all of the clichés.

Exercise 1: "The Beach":
Once upon a time, I visited a beautiful beach with sand as white as snow and water that was crystal clear. It goes without saying that this was going to be a perfect day. Sometimes I can't see the forest for the trees, but today I promised myself that I would stop and smell the roses. With the sun beating overhead like a red ball, I was sweating like a pig, and decided that a swim would be just the thing to make me feel better. Swimmers were few and far between that day, and I swam to my heart's content until I felt as cold as ice. I returned to shore and slathered on the sunscreen so I wouldn't become as red as a beet. Back in the day, I enjoyed building sand castles, so I found a pail and shovel and got to work, as busy as a bee. I built a castle as big as a mountain, complete with towers and turrets, and last but not least I dug a moat. I basked in the glow of my accomplishment. Suddenly, an enormous wave came out of nowhere! I got out of the way in the nick of time, but my castle was toast. My perfect day, along with my trip down memory lane, had come to a bitter end.

Exercise 2: Clichés Quiz

1. busy as a _________ (noun)

2. __________ (verb) a dead horse

3. __________ (adjective) as a tack

4. as _________ (adjective) as a __________ (noun) in a rug

5. ________ of worms

6. can't see the forest for the ___________ (noun)

7. ________ (adjective) as thieves

8. ________ (adjective) as ice

9. black as __________ (noun)

10. the _________ (noun) that broke the camel's back

11. _________ (adjective) as a button

12. _________ (adjective) as a fox

13. __________ (verb) it in the bud

14. fire engine _________ (adjective)

15. __________ (verb) the bullet


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