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Reading: Assignment - Student Reading Diary


Instructions: This assignment involves writing a daily diary for 10 weeks. You are required to keep a log of what you are reading outside of the classroom. For the second semester, the log is in the form of a diary.

Begin writing at the start of week 2 and finish at the end of week 11. Hand in your completed diary in week 12.

You are required to read at least one thing in English per day. Using the attached pages, complete your diary as instructed, writing clearly in pen. Only include things you read in your own time NOT anything that you read in lessons. Bring your diary to lessons so it will be checked every few weeks.

This assignment is worth 25% of the second semester reading course. Marks will be awarded as shown on the mark sheet included in this diary.

You are advised to keep a copy of your diary in case you lose it - only complete diaries will be marked.

Plagiarism, cheating or collusion will result in a mark of zero. Failure to complete all of the instructions will also result in a mark of zero. Below 60% is a fail, there will not be any re-submissions for failed assignments. Marks will not be deducted for spelling, punctuation and grammar unless your writing is illegible.

Marking Sheet: To gain full marks you must have completed a reading diary for the second semester with the following criteria:

1. Following Instructions: You have used the correct format (stated title, author, source etc.) (10%)

2. Diary Content: You have read something in English every day (10%)

3. Understanding of Reading: Each week you have written a detailed summary of a selected reading. (20%)

4. Analysis of Reading: Each week you have written an analysis of a selected reading. You have included sufficient opinions with reasons. (20%)

5. Reading Material: Your reading diary contains a sufficient variety of material and sources of information:

* Books - 10%
* Internet - 10%
* Magazines / Newspapers - 10%
* Other - 10%

Reading Diary

(Write Source, Title, Author, Basic Details each day)


Choose ONE of the above items you have read this week:

Title / Author:

Summary & Analysis: (main points, your views & opinions about it, etc.)

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