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ORAL ENGLISH: Expressing Opinions

For or Against?

Look at the issues below. Decide whether you are for them or against them, use the following expressions to state your opinion and give your reason:

  • "I'm for it"

  • "I don't really care"

  • "I'm against it"

  • "I'm in favour of it"

  • "It doesn't concern me"

  • "I'm opposed to it"

Smoking in public places _________________________________________
Drinking in public places _________________________________________
Free university education ________________________________________
Free high school education_______________________________________
Free trade ____________________________________________________
High taxes on tobacco __________________________________________
High taxes on alcohol ___________________________________________
Smaller classes ________________________________________________
Paying teachers more ___________________________________________
Giving money to the poor ________________________________________
Giving food to the poor __________________________________________
Mandatory military service_______________________________________
Giving homes to the homeless____________________________________
Free Medicine _________________________________________________
Free Public Transportation_______________________________________
Raising the driving age to 25_____________________________________





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