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Paul Sparks - Online English Lesson Plans, Lesson Material and Ideas for Oral English (Speaking Lessons) from Hunan University of Science and Technology...




Hunan University of Science & Technology


Course Description:

This course is classroom based, with two 45-minute periods per week for two semesters. Students are expected to attend, and participate in every lesson.

This course is primarily "Oral English" but will involve other aspects of English, such as vocabulary, grammar, writing, reading and listening, therefore students are encouraged to use ideas they have been taught in other subjects. Students are expected to express their opinions during lessons, stating their reasons.

Oral English has two main priorities. Firstly, the lessons will review basic speaking skills, revising the areas of weakness and giving the students more confidence to speak. Secondly, the students will be taught advanced Oral English, to develop their ability to communicate in English.

The content of the lessons will be adjusted throughout each semester according to student abilities in different classes.


Course Objectives:

Oral English is designed to enable students to:

Gain confidence to speak English.
Identify areas of weakness in speaking.
Improve Pronunciation, Intonation, Fluency, Tone, Volume and Speed.
Learn how to use "small talk", discussion, debate etc.
Understanding how to summarise or paraphrase speech.
Understand how grammar is used when speaking.
Express personal ideas, viewpoints and opinions.
Recognise and use different language techniques.
Recognise cultural differences between countries.
Identify and use Slang, Idioms, Sayings etc.


Materials and Resources:

Course Website -
Various DVD's and CD's might be used for lessons.
Information from the internet will be used for some lessons.
Additional handouts, articles, photocopies, etc. will be used for most lessons.


Course Evaluation & Details:

Assessment of this course will be a combination of exams, assignments, homework, tests and performance during class.


Expectations of the Students:

Attendance & Behaviour: Students are expected to attend every lesson. All absences must be explained fully. Unauthorised absence will result in a reduction in the final grade.

You are required to be in the classroom at least 5 minutes before the lesson begins. Before each lesson, the class monitor should check that there is sufficient chalk and a blackboard cleaner available. Mobile phones should be turned off during lessons and placed in your bag, the class monitor will be held responsible if any students use mobile phones.

Stationary: Students are required to bring their own stationary to each lesson. You are advised to bring a pen, pencil, notebook, dictionary and electronic translator.

Assignments / Homework: Students are required to complete all assignments and homework on time. If students have any problems with assignments, it is their responsibility to contact the teacher during lessons, or by email. Late submissions will not be marked.

Lessons: Students should speak English in the classroom. Any student speaking Chinese will be asked to leave the class. Students are expected to ask the teacher if they do not understand something. You are expected to write notes during lessons and consult the course website ( for further details about lessons.

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