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ORAL ENGLISH: Presentation Skills: "Creating A New Country"


Lessons Objectives: This lesson is designed to encourage students to speak English in small groups in order to improve their presentation skills.


TASK: Using the information from the first part of this lesson about presentation skills, imagine that your group is asked to develop a new country. You need to decide who can live there, what language they will speak, what type of lifestyle they have etc. In your group, discuss the following questions and write short answers for each:


What is the name of your country?
Where will your country be located? (why?)
What does your country look like (size, landscape etc.)
What language will people speak in your country? (why?)
Will your country have a flag / symbol / logo? (why?)
What will be the major industry in your country?
How will construction of your country be financed?
Will people use money in your county? (why?)
Will your country have laws? - if so, who writes the laws?
Will you have a president / prime minister / leader?
Can people visit your country?
Will your country have a religion?
Will your country have police?
Is drug use legal in your country?
Can people be extradited from your country?


Now present your new country to the class. Begin by telling us what your country will be called, then tell us what your country is like.

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