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ORAL ENGLISH: Proverbs Quiz


A proverb is a "short, well-known saying that expresses an obvious truth and often offers advice." But the meanings of proverbs are often misunderstood.

Proverbs Quiz:

1. It is no use crying over spilled ______.
a) paint
b) milk
c) coffee
d) beans

2. A stitch in time saves ______.
a) the day
b) the game
c) money
d) nine

3. Don't count your chickens before ______.
a) they lay their eggs
b) they are hatched
c) you eat them
d) they scratch

4. Absence makes the heart ______.
a) ache
b) beat faster
c) break
d) grow fonder

5. The pen is mightier than ______.
a) the pencil
b) the sword
c) the word processor
d) the man

6. A bird in the hand is worth ______.
a) two in the bush
b) five dollars
c) a thousand words
d) birdseed

7. Make hay while ______.
a) the grass is greener
b) the sun shines
c) the horse is sleeping
d) the farmer's in the dell

8. A rolling stone gathers ______.
a) Mick Jagger
b) dirt
c) no moss
d) speed

9. All that glitters is not ______.
a) good
b) gold
c) clean
d) what it's cracked up to be

10. All good things must ______.
a) come to an end
b) be expensive
c) taste good
d) be too good to be true



Proverbs Matching Quiz 1

1. Faith will
2. You can't
3. Do not
4. Dead men
5. Every bird loves to


a. win them all.
b. tell no tales.
c. wear out your welcome.
d. hear himself sing.
e. move mountains


Proverbs Matching Quiz 2

1. Where there's a will
2. Where there is no trust
3. First things
4. Forgive
5. Do as I say,


a. first.
b. there is no love.
c. there's a way.
d. and not as I do.
e. and forget.



Proverbs Matching Quiz 3

1. Every picture
2. After a storm
3. Love
4. Lightning never
5. All the world


a. sees no faults.
b. strikes twice in the same place.
c. tells a story.
d. comes a calm.
e. loves a lover.


Proverbs Matching Quiz 4

1. The early bird
2. Practice what you
3. Let the buyer
4. All work and no play
5. Early to bed and early to rise,


a. makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
b. makes Jack a dull boy.
c. catches the worm.
d. preach.
e. beware.