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Speaking Lesson: Exam Information

Exam Date: 30th December 2002, 2:00pm 4:00pm

Part 1:
5 Minute Individual Presentation - To be prepared before the exam:
Choose a recent news article to speak about for 5 minutes. The article should be interesting and informative. It can be from a newspaper or from the internet. Firstly, give a summary of the article, secondly say why you chose the article and whether you agree with it, or any other opinions about the news item.

Part 2:
Individual Speaking: You will be given a short piece of text and a picture. Firstly, read the text out aloud, then you will be asked to answer some questions about the text. Secondly, describe what you see in the picture.


The main areas of English that will be marked are as follows:

  • Pronunciation

  • Fluency

  • Vocabulary

  • Expression

  • General ability

  • Lesson participation

Your Grade will be A, B, C, D or E:

Grade A (Excellent - Pass): This score refers to an excellent standard of oral English. The student has excellent fluency, listening, comprehension, sentence construction, creativity and vocabulary. The student is also a very active class participant, taking part in all the lessons.

Grade B (Very Good Pass): This score refers to a high standard of oral English. The student has demonstrated a good ability in general conversation. Pronunciation, Fluency, Vocabulary and general participation are coherent and to a very good standard. 

Grade C (Good Pass): This score refers to a good standard of oral English. The student has shown progress and demonstrated ability in fluency, vocabulary building, listening and comprehension. Good understanding, creativity and an active interest in classroom activities. However, the student lacks confidence, and may not have participated in class lessons.

Grade D (Fail): This score refers to below satisfactory level of oral English. Creativity and ability to perform are limited. Greater participation and a more active interest in the subject are required to advance further.

Grade E (Poor Fail): This score refers to a poor level of oral English. Much greater effort and participation in class required to make further progress.

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