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Lesson 4 - Music: Different Styles of Music, Comparison of Chinese and English Music

Lesson Objectives: To analyse the different types of songs and singers in China and the UK, by using discussion and debate.


Lesson Activities: We will listen to English and Chinese music. Between each song we will discuss the type of music, the words, style etc.



Types of Music

Rock   (U2, R.E.M.)
Alternative   (Radiohead)
Metal   (Guns 'n Roses)
Hip-Hop / Rap  (Eminem)
R&B/Soul   (Destiny's Child, Aretha Franklin)
Electronic/Dance   (e.g. Moby, Aphex Twin)
Latin   (Ricky Martin)
Country   (Shania Twain)


When you listen to songs, think about:

The meaning of the words
The intended audience (listeners)
How music can help in learning English / pronunciation 


Homework: Prepare a 2 3 minute talk about music for 2 weeks time.


1. Tell us about an instrument you play (How long you have played, why you chose that instrument etc)
2. Tell us about your favourite song (Why you like it, what the meaning of the words are etc)
3. Has any song had an influence on your life, if so why?



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