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Lesson 16 - Learn New Words!



LESSON OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this lesson is to increase the vocabulary of the students, enabling them to find out new English words through a fun activity.




STEP 1: Everyone take 1 sheet of paper.


STEP 2: Without speaking to anyone else:


STEP 3: Write your ENGLISH name on the top of the paper.


STEP 4: Write down 5 words in Chinese which you do not know the English translation for the word.


STEP 5: Pass all the sheets of paper to the front of the classroom.


STEP 6: You will then be given another students sheet.


STEP 7: Write the English translation for any words you know.


STEP 8: Change the sheet with another student sitting next to you.


STEP 9: Check the translations and translate any other words that you know.


STEP 10: Pass the paper to a third person, check the translations again and write any other translations that you know.


STEP 11: Finally pass the paper back to the person whose name is on the top of the paper.


STEP 12: We will then go through the words with each student to check the answers.



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