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Lesson 12 - Marketing



Lesson Objectives: To improve the students understanding of marketing, including advertisements and promotion. To increase the vocabulary of students through group work and lesson participation.


Lesson Activities: The students will discuss marketing issues and give a short presentation to the class about how to market their chosen product or service.


Marketing: Each group of students will choose a product or service. They will then decide how to market the goods, both in China and Abroad. They will design a brief marketing plan to be presented to the class which should include the following areas:


  • Details about why they chose the product or service
  • Features and Benefits of your product
  • Who are the Target Market (age, sex, location etc)
  • Who are the competitiors
  • "SWOT" analysis - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • "PEST" analysis - Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors
  • Goals and Objectives - How their company will expand etc.
  • "The Marketing Mix" (4 P's) - Product, Price, Place and Promotion
  • Where they would advertise, why they chose each form of media
  • How they would monitor the effect of their marketing strategy


The groups will be able to ask questions to each other after each presentation. The remainder of the lesson will involve a general discussion about marketing.



NOTE: This lesson follows on from the "Culture" lesson about MARKETING, to view the culture lesson about Marketing Click Here







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